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Do you feel like you’ve read all the books about dating and attraction, but you still come off as “the creepy guy?”

Do you plan out what to say, but find your mind goes blank when you see a woman you really want?

Have you ever wondered why a woman would date you, when there are so many “better men” out there?

Do your dates fall flat because your nerves get the best of you?


Stop right there, sir.

First, let’s cut the negative self talk and focus on results, action and confidence.

What if you could…

…get her phone number, a call back and a second date?

…dramatically increase the number of women in your dating sphere with one a one-hour commitment per week?

…attract the right people—those who have potential to become long-term girlfriends, partners, best friends!

You can achieve this with the social skills you already have.

Most dating programs focus on scripts and games to get women interested, but NEWS ALERT: You’re already irresistible—you just need to know how to access it.

Here’s the secret no one tells you: Relying on sleazy pick-up strategies doesn’t work. You know the guy in your office who isn’t a total babe, but somehow always has an incredible woman on his arm? How do you think he does it? We’ll show you how.


Boost is a monthly group coaching program made for men like you. You’ll learn strategies we’ve taught hundreds of men at our in-person workshops. Strategies that will permanently and massively change the quality of your romantic life.

If you’re dying to get better with women, but can’t attend our in-person workshops (or just need more ongoing support), Boost is the best way to access every trick in the book.


Get out of your head and into the game on our twice monthly coaching calls. We’ll meet for focused training, accountability and weekly exercises.

On these calls, you’ll get support, advice and a kick in the pants, along with the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback from experienced coaches.



Monthly Self-Test

At the beginning and end of each month you’ll take a short evaluation to track your progress. Regular self check-ins give you measurable results to keep you focused and get you where you want to be.


Live Coaching

We’ll focus on a new topic each month—like how to make a great first impression or how to turn attraction into connection. You’ll be able to ask questions in real time and receive personalized feedback.


Email Check-ins

On alternate weeks you’ll send progress updates to your coach. We’ll pinpoint where your time and energy are being wasted and how to make adjustments. Just like a good friend lets you know when you’re wearing beer goggles, we won’t hesitate to call you out when you’re working against yourself.

Monthly Challenges

Challenges might be something like: Approach 3 women without talking about the weather. Your Boost Cheerleaders (that would be us, sorry, no miniskirts or pom poms) will hold you accountable on each exercise so you can build skills you’ll keep for life.


Private Facebook Community

Access a community of like-minded men who are smart, driven and refuse to settle for less. Be inspired by their successes and learn from their mistakes in our private Facebook group.

This program is for you if you…

This program isn’t for you if you…

“If approached the right way, virtually every interaction I now have with women is fun, exciting and positive, regardless of how beautiful she is. I’m so much more confident about approaching women—and people in general.”

Bern, Massachusetts


Can I cancel at any time?

This is a monthly program. You will be charged a subscription fee each month, on the 10th of the month. You can cancel at any time, no strings attached.

What if I can’t attend the calls?

Calls are usually held at 7:00pm PST on Wednesdays. While a big part of Boost is the live question aspect and accountability, all calls will be recorded and you’ll get access to the files for life. Listen in the car, on a walk or at work while pretending to fill in spreadsheets. You’ll still receive your evaluation tests, monthly motivators, access to the private group and email coaching.

Can I sign up at any time or are their specific start dates?

Since each month has a specific focus, it’s best to jump on board at the beginning of every month. But you can sign up now to reserve a space.

How many people are on the group calls?

Each group has a maximum of 50 people per call and a minimum of 5. Typically, calls tend to be small so you can rest assured your questions will be answered.

I don’t like group work. Do you do private coaching?

Private coaching is available, and Boost members get incredible discounts on private coaching and workshops. Need some extra personal attention? Schedule a 1:1 call.

I’m already in a relationship… can I still get value out of Boost?

Yes! Boost helps with ALL interactions… dating, meeting new people, and maintaining relationships. LOTS of people in relationships use Boost—it’s a great way to more deeply connect with everyone in your world, not just in dating. We have married men in our program looking to bring back a little spark and connection to their marriage.


If you’re ready to connect with women you thought were “untouchable,” sign up for Boost and watch your dating life improve almost instantly!

Enroll now for $197