Push Past Small Talk and Create a Real Connection in Under 10 Minutes

March 29, 2020

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March 29, 2020


10:00AM - 6:00PM


San Francisco

Maximum Spots


Get women thinking, “Where have you been all my life?” (while men say, “Whoa, how did you do that?”)

“Nice day today, huh?”

“Do you brush first or floss first?”

For whatever reason, these canned lines and weird pickup routines are taught by most dating coaches and they are the death of intimacy.

When you don’t know what to say, you resort to scripts.

But when you use a script you are literally conveying someone else’s personality.

And when you do that, you’ll attract someone else’s women.

If you want to attract YOUR people, you have to use YOUR words. Unless you have a full-time scriptwriter, she’s going to figure you out eventually….

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt this way:

You see a woman at the grocery store. She’s reaching for a bunch of carrots. You run through the lines in your head. They all sound stupid. I’d never say that! You think. But Super Cool Dating Guru Man says it works! But you’re not a guru, Dan. Get it together!

By the time you figure out what the hell you want to say to her, she’s walking away. It’s for the best. She looks busy and doesn’t want to be bothered. She probably has a boyfriend, anyway.

I’ve met with men who kick themselves for not approaching weeks, sometimes months or years, after incidents like this. Ah, if only I’d approached that girl in the red dress at the grocery store…

How many opportunities have you missed?

Look. Women have amazing bullshit detectors. We sense people’s intentions, and if you come at us with a pickup line we KNOW you’re trying to get something from us.

But what if you could approach women with a different intention? What if you remembered to qualify her first, making sure she’s the type of women you WANT to meet? (Most men forget they don’t want every girl; they want the right ones.)

Instant Connection is our signature workshop with the sole purpose of helping you connect. The ideas we teach in this day-long event are the core of our business (and the lessons we most love to teach).

We’ve been teaching these skills for 10 years. We’ve helped men like you have better conversations, date more women and settle down (not “settle”) with their ideal woman.

Ever better? After only 8 hours, workshop clients get so damn good at connecting they get promoted, make a new friends AND turn heads on the street.


You’ll also find online dating less appealing. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Why sift through profiles when you have the power to approach women in the real world, make a great first impression and connect in under 10 minutes!?

After this workshop you’ll live life with your eyes open, noticing people you want to meet, and successfully meeting them.

Jack is a client I’ve been working with for a few months. After attending Instant Connection, he went to the gym, as he had been every day before. But this time was different. As we was working out, he noticed a woman standing by the mirror doing squats. She was a perfect 10. Every guy in the gym was checking her out.

Feeling confident after hours of practice during our workshop, Jack approached her without hesitation and started a conversation. He lead the conversation with ease and made her feel comfortable opening up. He learned they were both teachers.

They got into a deep conversation that lasted ages longer than had he asked, “Hey, what’s your sign?”

Afterwards, all the other guys in the gym approached him and said, “Whoa, dude, what was that?” Everyone had wanted to talk to her and Jack was the only one who did anything about it.


He was armed with two things: The confidence to approach and the techniques to make it fun and successful.


We start bright and early on a Sunday morning. Our events are hosted in San Francisco in groups no larger than 10. You’ll have two instructors and “vixens” who are trained in delivering kind, thoughtful feedback.

10:00am: Intros and Intentions

Why approaching during the day is so much easier than at night. How reframing your intentions will change your results.

10:30am: Physical Presence

What are you communicating with your body language? Learn about power poses, taking the lead and eye contact.

11:00am: You attract what you ARE, so who are you anyway?

How do you talk about yourself? How do you demonstrate personality? Learn what defines you so you represent your true self in conversations. Learn how to get to the point and make women feel comfortable in any conversation.

11:30am: Connecting & Approaching

Knowing who you are is half of the equation. Now it’s time to get to know the woman you’re talking to so you can build connection. Learn how to be curious and ask questions you care about (that she’ll be excited to answer).

12:00pm: Vixen Practice

Women come with me to every Instant Connection workshop. Learn what real women assume about you, and work on that impression until it’s accurate. They’ll help you practice and give honest feedback you’ll use long after the workshop is done.

3:00pm: Lunch and Real World Practice

We’ll go out to lunch together and engage the people around us. Well meander around the city and meet awesome people. While the bulk of the learning takes place in the classroom, going out together allows us to show you everything we worked on “in theory,” works in reality, too.

5:00pm: Feedback and Next Steps

You’ll leave Instant connection with follow up homework (it’s fun, I promise! No pop quizzes here), personalized feedback to keep you practicing in the real world and lifetime access to our private Facebook group so you can stay connected to the incredible peers you’ve met.

Last week I asked about a coworker’s mom, who I’d heard was ill. She gave me a token response you’d give anyone at work. Normally I would have given her a token response back.

But because of what I learned about how being more open and vulnerable gives other people permission to the do same, I decided to give it a shot. I said, “Actually, my mom’s going through chemo right now and I think it might turn into a hospice situation soon.”

That changed everything. We ended up taking for 20 minutes about being single at our age. It was beautiful dialogue and now I have a wonderful new friend at work, where before I would have brushed it off with an auto-response. We’ve put the human back in human resources!


“Straight from the source”

Foxie workshops are taught by women who’ve seen it all. We partner with men who’ve been through our programs, so you get the best of both worlds.

Practice with real live human women

You wouldn’t read 100 books on riding a bike before ever even getting on a bike, then attempt the Tour de France, would you? No, you’d get a trusted friend to walk you through it, hold on to the back seat for awhile, then support you while you practice. That’s why we work with real women (who’ve done this a million times before) to help you learn and practice in a safe space.

10 years of teaching this workshop to 1000 men

A decade of training, coaching and watching men up their romantic game means I know what it takes to connect quickly, efficiently and authentically. Now you do too.

A loving leader

When people hear the phrase “dating coach” they think “sleazy car salesman.” And it’s because so many men have been turned off by exaggerated claims, spammy pop-ups, and misogynistic preachings. Not at Foxie. We take a whole new perspective on meeting women. It’s not about pick-up, but about qualifying and looking at your communication skills as a whole..

We’ve been called “relentlessly positive” and “damn good at what we do.”

Approachable teachers

We’re not just dating experts. We’re real people who’ve been around the block a few times. We won’t preach at you, we’ll connect with you too. So imagine instead of sitting in a lecture hall all day, you’re going out for beers with your friends. Friends who happen to be psychologists, sex experts and coaches.

This workshop is the perfect fit if you…

  • Want to meet real women in the real world (and don’t care for bars or single’s events)
  • Recognize the importance of incredible relationships, but don’t have the slightest clue where to find them
  • Are up for anything.
  • Value experts and are willing to “do whatever it takes” to build the life you want
  • Are curious and eager to meet tons of people. You love deep conversations and want more of them in your life

This workshop isn’t for you if you…

  • Are content living out your life alone
  • Don’t like women or dating
  • Aren’t willing to get a little bit uncomfortable. Our workshops take 99% of the stress out of dating, but you still have to push yourselves while in the classroom


I’m Megan Merrill and I’ve taught hundreds of men and women not only how to date, but connect. I’m an entrepreneur, traveler and adventurer obsessed with how the people of our world interact.

As the founder of Foxie, I give of singles the tools and confidence to fill their lives with meaningful relationships. Relationships that lead to killer sex, a walk down the aisle or a family of your own..

“I’ve never encountered an instructor who wants to see you succeed more than Megan.”

My superpower is identifying your juicy center. I’m perceptive, intuitive and obsessed with details to help you go from from insecure to engaging the world with confidence.

If you’re chomping at the bit to make positive connections to enrich the rest of your life, I want to meet you.



I’m nervous about doing this with a group.

The support system you receive during group workshops is our secret sauce. Getting outside your comfort zone is a great way to practice. Plus, isn’t it awesome when you learn from other’s mistakes instead of your own?

Don’t worry, everyone is supportive and shaming isn’t tolerated.

Isn’t a dating workshop for losers?

Nothing is farther from the truth. The men in our workshops are kind, respectful, hilarious and successful. Guys who just got too busy prioritizing work and hobbies over their dating skills before realizing that no matter how badass they are in the office, it sucks coming home to an empty house at night (and there’s so much Netflix you can watch alone before it’s time to make a change).

Rest assured that, yes, normal people hiring dating coaches.

Will I really be able to connect in just 10 minutes with women after this workshop?

Yes! But not without a little practice. At the end of the workshop we’ll give you personalized feedback and action steps so you’ll know what you need to practice to make it stick.

Bonus! Men who take our Instant Connection workshop also get a NUMBER discount for Boost, our online program.

What’s your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your reservation for a full refund more than 4 weeks prior to the workshop date. Cancellations less than 4 weeks prior are as follows:

  • 2-4 weeks before your workshop will receive a 50% refund
  • 1-2 weeks weeks before your workshop will receive a 25% refund
  • Less than one week weeks before your workshop will receive no refund


This workshop is a big investment. Is it worth it?

I’ll let a past client answer this one:

“Megan provides a platform that virtually guarantees success. I’ve since brought amazing new people into my social circle and am finally meeting the women I actually want to meet.”